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Everything You Need To Sort, Move, Store and Organize

Shelving Systems for AkroBins - Small Parts Storage AkroBins -Storage Bins for small parts, warehouse and inventory storage Small Parts Storage - Organize work space and small parts inventory AkroClean Janitor and Cleaning Carts
Hanging Storage Systems - Organize small parts, inventory and warehouse
Cabinet Systems for Small parts, inventory and warehouse storage
Material Handling Containers - Sort and organize inventory for shipping or production Material Handling Trucks - Garbage cans, material waste handling

Akro-Mils Advantage

Save Money and Increase Productivity

Broad Range of Products

For over 50 years Akro-Mils has manufactured quality products and provided responsive customer service. Our broad range of reusable plastic containers and metal products is designed to increase the material handling efficiency of virtually any industry. Akro-Mils products are used for order picking, shipping, storage and to maintain accurate inventories. Applications include light and heavy manufacturing, industrial supply, hospital supply and electronics.

Akro-Mils products can increase production efficiency, shorten assembly times, reduce and control inventories, improve handling efficiency, increase space and storage efficiency and improve parts protection. Our environmentally friendly plastic containers are 100% recyclable - eliminating cardboard waste and reducing your disposal costs.

Akro-Mils extensive product line include bins, attached and detached lid containers, hanging systems, storage cabinets, portable parts containers, and a bulk material handling/transport system. Use Akro-Mils products individually or in combination to form complete systems.


QNS Distributors has been servicing the needs of commercial and industrial accounts since 1971.

We offer a full line of production and warehousing products by industry leaders, Akro-Mils and Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company. Whether your needs are large or small, QNS Distributors can handle any orders.

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