Tank: #20 ga stainless steel with satin finish, Drawn one piece
construction with a curved front design and radius comers.
Back: #22 gauge stainless steel with #20 gauge stainless steel mounting
plate attached. Back plate and tank are welded together to form a one
piece unit
Valve: All purpose ant bacterial soap valve cylinder, black molded plastic
push style valve that takes less than 5 lbs of force and one hand to operate
complies with barrier free guidelines when mounted at proper height.
Refill Indicator: Clear plastic viewer window allows a constant fluid level
Filler Cap: Fabricated of stainless steel, hinged to allow easy servicing,
Cap is secured with special key that creates a vandal resistant dispenser.
Overall Size: 7 3/S'W x 6 5/S'H x 3 3/4'0
187mm x 168mm x 95mm
Capacity: 45 oz
Recommend type soaps without chloric solutions for proper



Provide an area on wall surface at desired or specified location,
Secure concealed mounting plate to wall surface with proper fasteners,
Slide dispenser down over mounting plate and secure by means of
a set screw located inside the tank accessible by opening service
lid, Fill unit with soap, Secure lid, Prime the valve and test for proper
•it is not recommended to mount any soap dispenser on mirrors
.. For best performance, use pre-mixed low concentrate solutions.
Dispensers should have periodic maintenance performed to insure
the life dispenser. Rinse out globe and valve with warm water to avoid
sludge buildup
Preventative Maintenance: Each dispenser should be flushed out aprx,
Every 30 days with warm water to prevent valve from; clogging with
old soap, Abrasive cleaners should not be used when wiping down