Cabinet Body: Fabricated of high impact ABS material.
Cover: Translu cent ABS material that is corrosion resistant with a rounded
design. Cover allows a constant paper level check.
Lock: Cover is secured to body by means of a special key.
Towel Dispensing: Full width body push bar allows easy operation of
mechanism that operates under 5 lbs of force. Push bar can be operated
with users hand, elbow or forearm.
Overall Size: 10 1/2'W x 15 3/4"H x 8 3/4"0
267mm x 400mm x 222mm
Capacity: One standard size roll of s• or 9" wide. (Use only non-perforated
towels). One stub roll up to 2 314" OD
*600ft roll recommended for best results.



Open cabinet door and place unit to desired or specified location.
Making sure unit is level, transfer mounting points Drill pilot holes and
secure with proper fasteners per application Install roll towels making
sure to feed paper into dispensing area at bottom. Close cover and
test operation of dispenser.