Paper Cup Dispenser - Surface Mounted


Body: Fabricated of #22 gauge stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Slot in
front will allow a constant visual check of the cup capacity.
Back: Fabricated of stainless steel formed for rigidity. Back is secured to
body by means of a heavy duty stainless steel piano type hinge.
Dispenser: Dispensing area is hemmed to prevent and cups from hanging
up when being dispensed.
Guides: Adjustable guides are fabricated of stainless steel with tabs that
allow unit to dispense 3oz to 6oz cups.
Lock: Pin tumbler type lock keyed Ike all other AJW cabinets.
Overall Size: 2 3/4"W x 14"H x 2 3/4"0
70mm x 356mm x 70mm
Capacity: 150 3oz cups
- Maximum diameter cup at rim is 2 9/16" to assure proper operation.



Open cabinet and place on mounting surface at desired location.
Transfer mounting points to surface and drill pilot holes. Secure
cabinet with proper fasteners per application. Adjust guides for proper
opening per each cup diameter and test for dispensing. Close cabinet
door and remove key.