Body: Fabricated of #22 ga stain less steel, #4 satin finish.
Flange: Fabricated of #22 ga stainless steel finished to match cabinet with
1 /4" returns. (No miters or welds)
Cabinet Back: Fabricated of stainless steel formed for rigidity with multiple
welds to cabinet body,
Cabinet Door: Fabricated of #22 ga stainless steel with #4 satin finish,
with full length doorstop to reduce vandalism
Towel Dispenser: Dispensing area has hemmed edges to prevent injury
and towel tearing. Adjustable back allows c-fold and single-fold towels to
be dispensed.
Waste: Removable steel waste with all leading edges hemmed. Unit is
equipped with handle for easy handling,
Hinge: Full length stainless steal piano type hinge.
Locks: Pin tumbler commercial quality lock.
Collars: Fabricated of #22 ga stainless steel, finished to match cabinet.
(semi-recessed and surface mounted}
Overall Size: 14 1/4'W x 74"H x 6 114"0
362mm x 1842mm x 152mm
Wall Opening: 12 3/4"W x 72 1/2"H x 6"0
324mmx 1842mmx 152mm
U600-S2: semi-recessed with 2" collar 4" wall opening
U600-S4: semi-recessed with 4" collar 2" wall opening
U600-SM: Surface mounted with full skirt
Towel Capacity: 600 c-fold, 800 multifold or 1200 singlefold
Waste Capacity: 10.5 gallons (1.4 cu ft)
-P: Rigid plastic waste insert



Coordinate installation with architect and contractor to avoid
interference with pipes, vents, etc. Provide a rough wall opening 12
3/4"W x 72 1/2"H, Required wall depth, will depend if full or semirecessing
is required, If collar is required, slide collar over the back
before installing into wall. Remove waste from cabinet and mount
unit plumb and true in opening with proper fasteners per application.
Secure waste in cabinet and load paper lowers.
When cleaning cabinet, use a soft cloth, a non-abrasive or chloric

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