Cabinet Body: Fabricated of #22 ga stainless steel formed for rigidity.
Embossed louvers in body allow shelving to be adjustable. Flange
surrounds cabinet body that has 1/4" returns to wall. (No miters or
Cabinet Back: Stainless steel secured to cabinet body with multiple
welds to cabinet body
Uni-Door: Fabricated of #18 gauge stainless steel with satin finish.
Frame: #22 ga stainless steel #4 satin finish
Adj ustable Shelving: Three (3) #22 ga stainless steel with #4 satin
Handle: Knob and magnet (No lock)
Hinges: Full length, heavy duty stainless steel piano type
Collars: #22 ga stainless steel with #4 satin, one piece construction,
finished to match cabinet body
Overall Size: 18"W x 30"H x 4 7/8"0
457mm x 762mm x 124mm
Wall Opening : 15 3/4"W x 25 7/8"H x 4"0
400mm x 657mm x 102mm
U7204-1830-S2: Semi-recessed medicine cabinet
Wall Opening : 2" wall opening required
U7204-1830-SM: Full surface mounted cabinet



Secure cabinet with proper fasteners per application. After
cabinet checks good, install adjustable shelving. Unit can
be mounted to have a right hand or left hand swing door.
Collars can be added in the field to accommodate
semi-recessing or full surface mounting.
To comply with ADA code, one usable shelf must be
mounted no higher than 44" above finished floor. (4.2.4)

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