Body: Fabricated of one piece steel construction, oven baked enamel
finish. Integral louvers to accommodate adjustable shelves.
Shelving: Steel construction to match cabinet body with all edges
deburred to prevent injury.
Mirror Door: Float plate glass, silver coated and sealed electrolytic copper
plating. Door is secured by means of a magnetic catch.
Frame: Bright finish stainless steel frame, 1/4" x 112• x 1/4" with exposed
Hinges: Heavy duty piano type hinges.
Overall Size: 161/S'W x 22 1/8"H x 4 1/4"0
406mm x 558mm x 107mm
Wall Opening: 14"W x 18"H x 3"0
355mm x 457mm x 82mm
Shelving: 2 adjustable shelves



Coordinate installation with architect and contractor. Provide a wall
opening 14"W x 18"H 3"0 Insert cabinet into opening making sure
cabinet is level and door will remain open until you manually close it
Secure cabinet with proper fasteners per application. After cabinet
checks good, install adjustable shelving. Unit can be mounted to have
a right hand or left hand swing door.
To comply with ADA code, one usable shelf must be mounted no
higher than 44" above finished floor. (4.24)

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