Single Aluminum Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Surface Mounted - Controlled

Mounting Bracket: Fabricated of heavy duty, die cast aluminum alloy,
satin matte finish. One piece formed construction provides maximum
strength and rigidity.
Spindles: Molded high impact ABS material (theft resistant) with stainless
steel spring, designed to retain spindles on bracket. Spring loaded pin
prevents roll from being removed until roll is depleted. Spindle rotates only
112 revol ution.
Control Pin: Stainless steel pin provides dispenser a control delivery. On
the -NC units (non-control) the pin is removed. This can be removed at the
factory or in the field.
Overall Size: 61/2"W x 1 3/4'H x 4"D
165mm x 45mm x 102mm
Capacity: One standard roll with a 5 1/4' (133mm) OD.
U805-NC: Same as U805 with non-controlled delivery to comply with ADA



Provide an area on wall surface at desired or specified location.
Place unit on mounting surface making sure unit is level and transfer
mount points. Drill pilot holes and secure with proper fasteners per
application. If a controlled delivery dispenser is installed, remove
spring loaded pin to obtain a non-controlled delivery All dispensers
must have a non-control delivery, be mounted at the proper height and
location to meet ADA code. (4.16)