Body: Fabricated of #22 ga stainless steel with a #4 satin finish, with
one piece un body construction. Sloping hood prevents articles such as
cigarettes on top of unit that may cause a fire.
Cabinet Back: Fabricated of #22 ga stainless steel formed for rigidity. One
piece back is equipped with striker tabs.
Spindles: Unit is equipped with a solid white ABS spindle and a capped
stainless steel 1 1/4" diameter spindle. Unit will hold one 9" diameter roll
with a core diameter of 1 3/8" - 3 1/4". (Non-control delivery)
Hinges: Heavy duty, stainless steel piano type hinge.
Locks: Pin tumbler, commercial quality keyed Ike all other AJW cabinets.
Overall Size: 11'W x 7 3/4'H x 4 1/2"0
254mm x 305mm x 108mm
Capacity: One 9" OD (229mm) jumbo tissue roll



Provide an area on wall at desired or specified location. Unlock cabinet
and place unit on wall making sure cabinet is level. Transfer mounting
points to surface and drill pilot holes. Secure unit with proper fasteners
per application. Load toilet tissue on spindle and close cabinet
Toilet Paper Dispensers: All dispensers that are to meet ADA code
cannot have any type of controlled delivery. (416)