Seat: Fabricated of 2 1/2" thick water-resistant reinforced vinyl fabric
cushion (white) seamless design with all leading edges having a radius.
Seat is secured to a 112• thick marine plywood.
Tubing: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel with #4 satin finish.
Main Frame: Fabricated of #18 ga 1 114" with satin finish tubing.
Underside has no exposed fasteners.
Flanges: #18 gauge stainless steel with four (4) countersunk exposed
mounting points. Under slung supports have a 1 1/4" OD. (Satin finish)
Mounting Bracket: #14 ga stainless steel ''hat" style bracket with 4
mounting support points. Bracket acts as a guide to raise and lower seat
platfonn and is equipped with four (4) points to secure to wall surface. For
maximum support, bracket is mounted so the bottom is set on the finished
floor surface. Seat will remain in an upright position when not in use by
means of a spring clip.
Overall Size: 18 1/2'W x 15"0 (seating area)
470mm x 381mm
'Wall to floor mounting design provides equal distribution of weight
to ensure safe operation.



To comply with ADA Code, seat should be mounted at a height 17" -
19" above finished floor. Check all state and local codes for building
requirements. Recommend in wall mounting on all shower seats.
(BP10) Place seat up against wall making sure the extended part
of seat has an offset no more than 1 1/2" away from wall. (Same as
grab bar) Transfer mounting points to wall surface and drill pilot holes.
Secure seat to surface with proper fasteners per each application.
Snugly secure seat to surface and check seat to be level. If seat is
level raise and lower seat to check path of travel. Finish securing seat
after checking seat for proper operation. When properly mounted seat
will support up to 250 lbs and will conform with ADA Code 4.21.3 and
4 .26.3
Note: This shower seat is not intended to be installed in applications
that have shower bases with rounded comers. AJW recommends the
U928 for such applications.