Mounting Plate: Fabricated of #11 ga stainless steel, #4 satin finish with
6, 1/4" dia exposed mounting points.
Bar: #18 ga, 1 1/4" diameter, stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. All
bends formed by an automatic mandrel bending process which maintains
a uniform bar diameter around bends.
Gripping Surface: Standard surface is satin finish. Use suffix X for
peened grip. (Anti-slip)
Intermediate Supports: Same material as bar with contour cuts that are
heliarc welded. Intermediate supports designed to accommodate optional
toilet tissue holder.
Pivot Brackets: Dual supports fabricated of #18 ga square stainless steel
tube with capped ends.
Tension Control Mechanism: An adjustable dutch to control the amount
of tension on the bar required to raise and lower the bar. This prevents bar
form falling when in the up-right position.
Check all state and local building codes for proper mounting heights
and locations. ADA code specifies 33"-36" above finished floor for
maximum mounting height.
When property mounted, swing-up type bar will sustain a static load
of 250 lbs.
-PC: White Powder Coat



Installation: Coordinate installation with architect and contractor to
avoid interference with toilet, stall doors, etc. Place unit on wall surface
making sure unit is level, transfer mounting points and drill pilot holes.
Secure unit with proper fasteners per application.
NOTE: When possible is recommended to use BP-30 in wall back
plates when mounting swing-up grab bars. Under the square tube is an
adjustment pin that will control the tension on the raising and lowering
of the bar. Adjust to proper tension and test the path of the bar.