Shelf: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel with a #4 satin finish, 8" deep
(203mm) bent down 1 112" with 112" returns back for rigidity and safety.
Back: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel, #4 satin finish. Lower portion
has a formed channel for added rigidity to support the mop holders.
Mop Holders: UJ19 plated reinforced steel with serrated cam type hard
rubber mop or broom holder. Holds handles 1/2" to 1 1/4" diameter.
Hooks: #14 ga stainless steel with a #4 satin finish.
Mounting Brackets: #16 ga stainless steel with exposed mounting points.
Verify Style:
UJ45A: 34"L (864mm) with 3 holders, 4 hooks.
UJ45B: 44"L (1118mm) with 4 holders, 5 hooks.
UJ45C: 54"L (1372mm) with 5 holders, 6 hooks.



Place unit to wall surface making sure unit is level and transfer
mounting points. Drill pilot holes and secure unit with proper fasteners
per application.