Tissue Holder: Toilet tissue holder is fabricated of #14 gauge stainless
steel with a satin finish on all exposed surfaces. Unit is a drawn one-piece
construction. Rim is beveled to form a snug fi t against square fl ange.
Flange: Fabricated of #14 gauge stainless steel with a satin finish with four
(4) 1/4" dia. mounting points. Flange is a separate piece secured to deep
drawn tissue holder.
Overall Size: S'W x S"H" x 4 1/4"0
203mm x 203mm x 108mm
Wall Opening: 5 314" diameter x 4"0
146mm x 121mm
Capacity: One standard size roll with a 5114" (133mm) OD



Coordinate installation with contractor or architect to avoid interference
with pipes, vents, etc. In wall. Provide a wall opening on 5 3/4"
diameter. Minimum wall depth required is 4"D. Transfer flange
mounting paints to wall surface. Drill four (4) points for fasteners per
application. Secure unit with proper fasteners. Theft resistant fasteners
are not provided.
Toilet Paper Dispensers: All dispensers that are to meet ADA code
cannot have any type of controlled delivery. (4.16)