UX Accessories: All UX bath accessories series are fabricated of
stainless steel with a bright or satin finish. Mounting plates are concealed
with a snap-on type plate secured by a set screw.
Flange: 2" x 2" flange #22 ga stainless steel.
Post: #22 ga stainless steel.
Mounting Plate: #16 ga concealed wall plate. Set screw secures
mounting plate and flange.
Spindle: Spring loaded, chrome plated plastic.
Optional U007 Theft Resistant Adapter: Prevents spindle from being
removed until roll has been depleted.
Overall Size: 13" W x 2"H x 3 7/S"D
330mm x 51 mm x 98mm
UX142-SF: Same as UX142-BF with satin finish



Provide an area on wall surface at desired or specified location. Place
concealed mounting plate on wall surface and transfer mounting
points. Drill pilot holes and secure with proper fasteners. Place snapon
flange over plate and secure with set screw. Centerline space
between posts is aprx. 5 1/2"W. Repeat same steps for other post
Place a roll of tissue on spindle and place in posts before securing the
covers down securely. If roll spins freely, secure post with set screw.
All toilet tissue dispensers must have a non-control delivery to meet
ADA code. (4 16)