Box: Fabricated of #20 gauge pre-plated steel. One end of the box is open
to allow facial tissue box to be loaded. A 7116" lip surrounds three sides of
the box with mounting points located on two. Adapters, springs or hinges
are not required to load tissue box.
Overall Size: 1 O 3!4'W x 5"H x 4"0
273mm x 127mm x 102mm
Capacity: 250 two ply tissue box



Box is mounted on the inside of vanity apron. Provide an area on the
vanity face for a cut out to accommodate the tissue to be dispensed
from the box. Make sure the box will have enough room to be mounted
and allow tissue box to be loaded when needed. The vanity face
becomes the face of the box holder. Make sure that all areas of cutout
have been deburred to prevent injury or tissue tearing. Hold unit
behind the cutout making sure unit is level and centered behind cutout.
Transfer mounting points to apron and drill pilot holes making sure not
to go through face. Secure with proper fasteners and load tissue box.