Shell and Flange: Drawn one piece construction fabricated of #22 ga
stainless steel with a bright finish. Two mounting points allow unit to be
secured to mounting clamps or framing in wall opening.
Hood: Fabricated of bright stainless steel, secured to shell by a welded
Support Posts: Heavy duty cast Zamac with bright chrome finish to match
Spindle: Spring loaded, chrome plated plastic roller.
Collars: #22 ga stainless steel finished to match unit.
Overall Size: 61/4'W x 61WH x 3 9/16"0
159mm x 159mm x 92mm
Wall Opening: 5 1/4''W x 5 1/4'H x 2·0
133mm x 133mm x 51mm
UX71-SM: Surface Mounted Single Roll Dispenser with Hood.
UX71-SF: Same as UX71-BF with satin finish.
UX71-SF-SM: Same as UX71-SF-SM with satin finish.
Optional U007 Theft Resistant Adapter: Prevents
spindle from being removed until roll has been depleted.



Provide a wall opening at desired or specified area and coordinate
with architect or contractor to avoid interference with pipes, vents etc.
In wall. See specification for proper wall openings Secure unit in wall
opening with proper fasteners and clamps per application. Insert roller
into roll core depress one side and install on posts.
Toilet Paper Dispensers: All dispensers that are to meet ADA code
cannot have any type of controlled delivery. (416)
Mounting Clamps:
B Clamp Conventional type, secured to back side of front wall. (Used
on UX71 series)
C Clamp For cement, motor or mud-in installations.(Tile)
Note: Mounting Clamps are optional and must be ordered