Bright Soap Dish w/ Wash Cloth Bar and Mounting Holes - Recessed

Soap Dish Shell: Fabricated of one piece stamped construction of #18
gauge stainless steel with 2 exposed mounting points. Standard soap dish
has a bright finish outer flange that has a beveled edge.

Soap Tray: Internal part of shell where the soap rests on has stamped
dimples to allow airflow under soap to prevent soap from sticking to dish.
Bar: Fabricated of bright stainless steel 3/16" thick.
Overall Size: 7 1/8'W x 5"H x 4'0
181mm x 127mm x 102mm
Wall Opening: 5 5/8'W x 3 3/4"H x 3'0
142mm x 95mm x 76mm
UX83-SF: Same as UX83-BF with satin finish.



Coordinate wall opening at desired or specified location with contractorI architect to avoid wiring, pipes, etc. in wall. Place concealedmounting clamp and dish in wall opening . Tighten fasteners to clamp
to secure in place
"A" Mounting clamp for stud walls.
Note: Bar is not fabricated to support a persons weight.